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Stainless Steel Cable

Stainless Steel 1x19 Cable in 1/8" and 3/16" Sizes. 3/16" also available in 7x7.

All Cable and Fittings are Manufactured fromMarine Grade 316Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel Cables provide corrosion resistance, durability and strength, as well as beauty, year after year.

SC&Rstocks two different size cables.3/16"diameter has widespread use in commercial and residential applications for its superior strength and durability. 1/8"diameter is used mainly in residential railings.

Stainless cable is cut to length per your measurements or may be ordered uncut in bulk.

Two different construction types are available to complete your wire rope cable assembly.
  1. 1x19 STAINLESS CABLEis used for straight cable runs and cable runs with slight bends. 19 individual wires are twisted to form the wire strand.
    Actual Breaking Load: 3/16"4719 lbs/ 1/8"1890 lbs

  2. 7x7 STAINLESS CABLEis more flexible than 1x19. 7 individual wires form a bundle and 7 bundles are twisted into the wire rope.
    Actual Breaking Load:3303 lbs

Order stainless cable from the options below.

To ensure maximum performance use only STAINLESS CABLE & RAILINGProfessional Swaging ServiceorHand Swageusing our Recommended Tools. Using the wrong swage die can result in cable pull out.

Mill Test Certificate and Chemical Analysis available on request.

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