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Measuring Tips

Measuring Tips


See CableView Railing™WORKSHEETS or have a copy automatically faxed to you by dialing 1-888-686-7245 and press option 6.


If you need help designing your railing, we are here to help. Just provide us with your project measurements and intended dimensions and we will design the railing for you.

If you will be cutting and swaging cable yourself which will be installed in a preexisting hand rail, then exact measurements are not as critical. Simply measure your cable run and "round up" to make sure the cable will be long enough.

If you are ordering assemblies and fittings using our PROFESSIONAL SWAGING SERVICE, we need accurate measurements. In this case, consider the following:


    For straight thru mount cable runs, it's easy to measure from the outside face of your first terminal post(end post) to the outside face of your last terminal post. For straight surface mount cable runs, measure from the inside face of your first terminal post to the inside face of your last terminal post. Having a measuring assistant will help to ensure accurate measurements!


    For continuous cable runs around corners, measuring gets a little harder. If possible pre-drill your holes prior to ordering. The following describes a good method for obtaining an accurate measurement. All home improvement centers and hardware stores will sell 1/16" wire rope. You can use this as a measuring tool. It costs about .20/ft, so a 50' piece will run you $10. Using your assistant, lace the cable through all your holes and around each bend. Make appropriate marks on the cable with a black felt tip pen. Then simply remove the cable, lay it flat on the ground with your tape measure next to it. Using your assistant, apply slight tension to the cable and take the measurement.
STAINLESS CABLE & RAILING™ only offers the best and most affordable cablerail assemblies and fittings for your deck and balustrade handrail project.

Need help designing your railing project or an estimate? Email drawings(non-technical OK) to us at: and we will respond within 24 hours. See the WORKSHEETS tab for additional resources or just phone/fax us at 1-888-686-7245 (RAIL). We are happy to help!

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