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Cable Railing Post - Fascia Mount, Intermediate

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Spec drawing of cable railing aluminum intermediate postsSpec drawing of cable railing aluminum intermediate post endAluminum cable railing posts in five powder-coat colorsDrawing that shows fascia mount post assembly
Item #FM-INT
Base Price$61.95
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DESCRIPTION:Each Assembly Includes:
  1ea POST
  1ea POST CAP

NOTE:To select some of each type of post, you will need to add as many as needed of each type separately to the cart, then return and make the next selection. Call 888-686-7245 for assistance.
AvailabilityUsually ships in 3-4 business days
This post attaches to the side of your deck and is part of our aluminum cable railing system. Use one for every 4' between the first and last post (the terminal posts) of a cable run. These are designed to guide, but not anchor, your cable infill.

FASCIA MOUNT INTERMEDIATE POSTS are used between the TERMINAL POSTS and are spaced approximately every 4'. The wire rope passes through without loading the post. Each post is manufactured from 6063 T6 aluminum providing the strongest cable rail system available.

Intermediate posts come either pre-drilled with powder-coated holes which eliminates many hours of installation labor, or un-drilled which are used in stairs.

The FASCIA MOUNT INTERMEDIATE POST mounts directly to the rim joist or fascia board by attachment hardware. Usually these are lag bolts (sold separately).

For additional corrosion prevention, purchase Grommets for each hole. Our grommets can also be used to keep the cables from rattling against post walls in windy areas.



  1. Available for either 36" or 42" rail heights. 2 3/8" square
  2. 13 9mm predrilled holes (requiring 13 cable runs), for a total railing height of 42" above deck boards.
  3. 11 9mm predrilled holes (requiring 11 cable runs), for a total railing height of 36" above deck boards.
  4. Qty (2) mounting holes must be drilled.

Use the CableView Railing™ WORKSHEET to design your aluminum railing system and consider the following:

  1. Are you going to DECK MOUNT or FASCIA MOUNT your posts?
  2. Which top rail will I use?
If PROFESSIONAL SWAGING SERVICE is used at both ends of the cable run: Use DECK OR FASCIA MOUNT TERMINAL POSTS for every post in your aluminum handrail, including double offset posts at the corners. This will allow the attached fitting to pass through every post in the system.

If HAND SWAGING your assemblies (RECOMMENDED): Minimum of 2 DECK OR FASCIA MOUNT TERMINAL POSTS are required for each cable run (wherever your cable begins and ends). If your cable run also has 90 degree corners, use double INTERMEDIATE POSTS at each corner. Use DECK OR FASCIA MOUNT INTERMEDIATE POSTS spaced evenly (4' Max) for the remainder of the posts. CABLE CRIMPERS and CABLE CUTTERS are required.

Call us at 1-888-686-7245 (RAIL) for any ordering assistance, or send us an ESTIMATE REQUEST FORM if you already know what you want. You can fax your estimate request to us or email We will respond to any estimates and questions within 24 hours. Take a look at our cable railing videos and WORKSHEETS if you'd like to learn more about cable railing applications.

Product Reviews

By J.L.
Boulder, CO
Thanks for such an excellent aluminum system!
October 14, 2016
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I was with your cable railing, both with the quality and the ease of installation. Thanks.
Customer Reviews

“It looks great! The railing system is on a $3 Million home near the ski resorts...”
    B.K. – Salt Lake City, UT
“I'm very pleased with the quality and strength. Everything fit and went together easily. I was very happy with the way your company takes the time to carefully wrap and pack the railing posts...”
    E.N. – San Diego, CA
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