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Cable Rail Stainless or Aluminum

Cable Rail System by Stainless Cable & Railing for Aluminum Railing Systems


STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL® presents Cable Rail, an aluminum Cable rail that is very simple to put together and requires almost no upkeep! Cable Rail is great for home or work Cables and patios. The Cable Rail aluminum handrails are exclusively designed for cable rail, which are quickly beginning to replace wood and glass rail. Aluminum cable rail is taking over the Cable rail industry, becoming the number one preference for homes, commercial and industrial buildings.



At STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL® we appreciate the long-term investment you are making when purchasing our rail systems. We present only the highest quality and best priced Cable rail, cables, and fittings at STAINLESS CABLE & RAIL®.

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Benefits and Technical Info:

Each and every cable structure and fittings are made with 316 Stainless Steel, making it a super duty, corrosion free, beautiful, long lasting rail. Not only is it made with outstanding Stainless Steel, we also electrostatically powder coat and bake the protective coat on each cable product to ensure it does not fade, chip, or chalk. Our products exceed AAMA 2604 Salt Spray Resistance and AAMA South Florida Outdoor Exposure requirements. On top of that, we offer a ten year limited warranty to reassure you that Cable Rail is going to last and stay like-new for a long time.


NO MAINTENANCE! How great would it be to never have to sand, scrape, paint, or stain your rails, like with wood rail? Or never having to worry about keeping your glass panels clean? With Aluminum Cable Rail, all the pesky hassle of keeping rail clean and tidy are taken away.


Made with 6063 T6 extruded aluminum and having an internal webbing makes our posts the most durable and the best at resisting deflection, unlike competitors who just use hollow posts. Because of the webbing, you are able to tighten the turnbuckles much more since the posts have the extra strength and support with the internal webbing. Since you can have a tighter cable, you don't have to use as much cable, so you can eliminate wire spacers that most competitors use.


For your top rail you may choose RECTANGULAR, SHAPED or POST TO POST styled systems. You can attach a 2 x 4 piece of wood, preferably Cedar or another sturdy, elegant looking wood, to add to the appearance of your rail system.


You have the option of a Cable mount (surface) or a fascia mount (side). Our posts are pre-drilled so you do not have to bother with trying to line up the holes and drill them yourself, saving a lot of set-up time. The holes are also powder coated, so no grommets or touch-up paint will be needed.

Our products are priced competitively and come ready to install straight from the package. Our package prices start as low as $42 a foot! This will include easy to set-up aluminum rail system, stainless steel cables, and stainless steel fittings. If you look at glass panels or regular wooden rail at your local home improvement store, you will notice they do not come with the required hardware and fittings you will need. Comparing prices between them and cable rail, you will see how reasonable Cable Rail? is!


Would you like some help designing your Cable rail project? Or if you already know what you want, would you like a free estimate? You may e-mail your drawings to us at and a professional will get back to you in less than 48 hours. If you click on our WORKSHEETS tab, there is more information that may be useful to you. You may also call or fax us at 1-888-686-7245 (RAIL). We look forward to helping you get a beautiful Cable rail to complete your property.


Here at Stainless Cable & Rail, we offer turnkey aluminum rail systems and stainless-steel cable. You may use wood, aluminum, stainless steel, or steel posts. A trendy and modern look would be to use either the aluminum or stainless steel posts. If you check with our competitors, you will see that Stainless Cable & Rail posts are much sturdier and more solid than competitor posts. This is true because of the internal webbing we use in each post that helps minimize any flexibility in the post. When you are installing the cable Cable rail, you can be confident that our products will be durable and long lasting.


So instead of constantly cleaning glass, or keeping up the maintenance on wood picket rails, cable rail systems will save you time and energy and prices start at just $52/ft! If you would like, you may watch our videos on our aluminum rail systems or our Cable rail designs.


Cable Rail Systems by Stainless Cable & Rail
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