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Wood Top Rails & Components

Wood Top Rails & Components

Sitting atop everything else, closest to eye level, a top rail can easily elevate or tarnish any railing system. As a company committed to quality, Stainless Cable & Railing Inc. only offers woods of exceptional beauty and longevity. Our exotic woods and clear-grade cedars are of the highest quality, with knot-free grain, smooth coloration, and distinctive shine.

The specific boards we offer are not merely of the highest grade, but are in fact the best of the best, hand-picked from our premium supplier. This same level of personal selection is also extended to our more economically priced "Select Tight Knot" Western Red Cedar rails.

WESTERN RED CEDAR, or Thuja Plicata, has been a popular construction material since it was first discovered thousands of years ago by the Native Americans, who used it for everything from canoes to totem poles, to boxes, to masks, and even called the species the "Tree of Life". Today, Western Red Cedar remains a construction favorite, thanks to its fine, straight grain, outstanding strength, and low rate of expansion and contraction. Its natural oils make it resistant to moisture, insects, and decay, yet the wood still easily accepts a range of finishes to preserve its strength and beauty. It is also lightweight and easy to work with while still being structurally strong and resistant to warping and checking. Our Western Red Cedar Top Rails are harvested responsibly and sustainably in the publicly managed forests of Canada.

BALAU MAHOGANY (also known as Membatu, Selangan Batu, or Red Balau) is a wood known for its unique hardness, beauty, and natural durability. This species of richly-colored, exotic wood is similar in appearance to Philippine Mahogany, but twice as hard and considerably more durable. Our Balau products are Responsibly Harvested in Indonesia and Malaysia.

IPE BRAZILIAN WALNUT is a richly-colored, naturally strong exotic hardwood. This "ironwood" is an excellent choice for outdoor applications due to its resilience and beauty. Ipe naturally resists rot, insects, and various forms of wear-and-tear. Its durability makes it relatively low-maintenance while it's appearance is a visual delight that dresses up any property. Like with our Batu line, our Ipe products are provided by a Responsible Supplier that practices and promotes sustainability.

NOTE: Our 2x4 wood top rails are only intended for independent use with wood or stainless steel posts. If combining a wood top rail with aluminum posts, OR if using one of our thinner wood top rails, make sure to also order the appropriate POST-TO-POST inline support!

Also note that all boards over 18" are sold with a surplus fee, as these boards are much harder to find and source, having to be harvested from the tallest and oldest of trees.

For more detailed descriptions of our wood products' purposes and applications, consult our Wood Installation Instructions and Special Terms for Wood Orders.
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