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Fine Line Jaw Wood Assembly installation guide for stainless steel cable railing


Choose STAINLESS CABLE & RAILING™ for all your fittings and cablerail assemblies!


Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Must use HAND SWAGING for this cable assembly type.

  2. Determine the correct assembly length you need. Measure overall length from the inside your first terminal post (End Post), to the inside your last terminal post (End Post). Measure your cable runs twice to ensure accuracy. Use the WORKSHEETS and read MEASURING TIPS for assistance.


    Continuous cable runs around 2 corners(45-90 degrees)OK up to 70' Order 7x7 STAINLESS CABLE

    Continuous cable runs(0-45 degrees)OK up to 70' Order 1x19 STAINLESS CABLE

  3. Determine the correct number of assemblies you need:

    36"(92cm) Posts require 11 assemblies. 42"(107cm) Posts require 13 assemblies. Recommended wire rope spacing is 3"(76mm)starting from the bottom of your post.

    Check your local building codes to determine frame requirements. Generally 36"(92cm) height is common in residential applications and 42"(107cm) height in commercial applications.

  4. Order online or call 1-888-686-7245(RAIL) for ordering assistance. All components sold separately. Most orders shipped within 48 hours.

  5. Measure, mark, and drill holes in posts every 3"(76mm) starting from the bottom.

  6. Drilling instructions for FineLine™ JAW/WOOD ASSEMBLY: Drill 1/8"(3mm)x 2"(50mm) deep pilot holes, into the inside face of both TERMINAL POSTS, every 3"(76mm), starting from the bottom. Drill 1/4"(6mm) through holes every 3"(76mm) starting from the bottom in all INTERMEDIATE POSTS.

  7. Determine which end of your cable run you want to position the FineLine™ JAW/WOOD TURNBUCKLE. The turnbuckle will be in the railing section between TERMINAL POST #1 and the first INTERMEDIATE POST. Screw the LAG EYE into each 1/8"(3mm) pilot hole on TERMINAL POST #1 and TERMINAL POST # 2.

  8. Install the FIXED JAW CLEVIS WITH CABLE which comes pre-swaged, onto each LAG EYE at TERMINAL POST # 2.

    NOTE Optional: Tap in HOLE PROTECTOR SLEEVES into each drilled hole until flush. HOLE PROTECTOR SLEEVES prevent the cable from cutting into the wood wherever the cable enters the hole at an angle. Install before lacing your cable through the INTERMEDIATE POSTS.

  9. Starting at TERMINAL POST # 2 and working your way back to the turnbuckle end, lace the cut cable end through all INTERMEDIATE posts.

  10. IMPORTANT: To determine where to cut the cable, use the following steps: Install the turnbuckle jaw onto the LAG EYE and screw the turnbuckle body onto the jaw only 2 turns which are just enough to engage the threads. Do not unlace cable from INTERMEDIATE POSTS! While applying moderate tension on the cable with your hand, line up the cable outside and next to the turnbuckle body and mark with a Sharpie the exact spot on the cable where the cable enters the turnbuckle. Make sure that everything is in their correct positions and the cable is taught and not hanging up at the LAG EYE. From your mark, now increase cable length by 2 3/8". This is where you will make your cut using the CABLE CUTTERS. Double check everything to confirm you are cutting the cable correctly!

  11. Unscrew the turnbuckle body from the shaft and slide the turnbuckle body onto the cable facing the correct direction. Then push the nylon O-ring onto the cable. Next, slide the swaging sleeve on to the cable leaving 1/8" of exposed cable from the end of the swaging sleeve. Swaging Instructions: Use only the CABLE CRIMPER with the custom hexagonal die. Position the tool at a right angle to the fitting and 1/8" from the end. Turn the knob to close the chamber and close the handle consecutive times until the two die halves nearly touch. Release the pressure by turning the knob. Reposition the tool 1/4" farther and repeat. A total of 3 swages are necessary for the swaging sleeve. Remember to leave only 1/8" cable end sticking out from the end of the swaging sleeve.

  12. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the threads and tighten the turnbuckle with a wrench until cable is taught. About 250 lbs. of tension is desirable. Use Vice-Grips and a piece of leather to protect the cable and to keep it from spinning. Start tightening the middle cable run first then tighten above and below this middle cable in an alternating sequence until all the wires have been tightened. Most codes require that a 4" sphere must not be able to pass between the cables. Check with your local codes to ensure compliance.
Need Assistance? Call 1-888-686-7245(RAIL) Stainless Cable & Railing offers turnkey deck cable railing using steel posts, wood posts, aluminum posts, and stain less steel posts. Favorite among contractors are the aluminum and stainless steel posts for both new construction and remodeling projects. Competitor aluminum posts are not as strong as Stainless Cable Railing posts. We added extra webbing internally within each end post to resist the flexing. The contractor can be confident their posts are the top in the industry and are designed specifically for cable railing applications. Stainless Cable Railing systems start out as low as $20 a l/f and are a terrific alternative to glass railing systems. Unlike glass railing systems Stainless Cable Railing systems call for no upkeep. Watch our videos on cable railing for decks at or check out our deck railing designs.
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