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FineLine™  DRILL & TAP ASSEMBLYClick to enlarge
Item #bdrtapas
Base Price$37.30
1x19 3/16in Cable Length
7x7 3/16in Cable Length

1ea FineLine Drill & Tap Turnbuckle Tensioner
2ea Surface Mount Ends
1ea Swage Stud Terminal End with 3/16in Cable as Chosen Above

AvailabilityUsually ships in 5-7 business days
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The FineLine™ DRILL & TAP ASSEMBLY is a compact, architectural assembly that represents the best in engineered cable rail systems for your metal posts. Drill and tap directly into steel posts (Min.1/4" thickness required). All swage marks are completely hidden from view! Use HAND SWAGING for this assembly type.
  • 11 assemblies needed for each cable run 36" high.
  • 13 assemblies needed for each cable run 42" high.
  • TIP: It's more economical to have longer cable runs that run continuously around corners so fewer fittings are needed.

    Minimum metal post requirements:

    • STEEL PIPE 2"x 2"x 1/4" or 1 1/2" ID or 1 1/8" OD
    • ANGLE IRON or WELDED TAB 2"x 2"x 1/2"
    • FLAT BAR 2" wide and 1" thick

    Parts and services (Sold Separately) needed to complete this cable assembly:

    1. Order: SWAGE STUD WITH 1x19 CABLE for straight runs and runs with slight bends or Order: SWAGE STUD WITH 7x7 CABLE for runs that have 90 degree corners. A SWAGE STUD is "fixed" at one end of the cable by pre-swaging (no charge) at the factory and is not to be swaged by hand in the field.
    2. Order: 1 FineLine™ DRILL & TAP TURNBUCKLE
    3. Note: For all Assembly lengths >50' (70' max) and/or runs from 0-70' with more than 1 90 degree corner, it is recommended to omit the SWAGE STUD WITH CABLE and use 2 FineLine™ DRILL & TAP TURNBUCKLES instead to allow cable tightening at both ends of your run. In this situation, substitute the SWAGE STUD WITH CABLE with STAINLESS CABLE
    4. Order: CABLE CUTTER + CABLE CRIMPER tools to hand swage your wire rope assemblies.

    STAINLESS CABLE & RAILING™ ASSEMBLIES are the smart choice.

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