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FINELINE™ JAW/EYE ASSEMBLY for Cable Deck Railing Systems

FineLine™ JAW/EYE ASSEMBLY Click to enlarge
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Base Price$71.90
Cable Size
Cable Length

1ea Professional Swaging Service
1ea FineLine Jaw Turnbuckle Tensioner
2ea Surface Mount Ends
1ea Fixed Jaw Clevis Terminal End with 3/16in Cable as Chosen Above

AvailabilityUsually ships in 5-7 business days
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The FineLine™ JAW/EYE ASSEMBLY is a compact, architectural assembly that represents the best in engineered cable rail systems for your wood or metal posts. The SURFACE MOUNT EYE mounts directly to the inside surface of your posts and provides a tab (attachment point) for the FineLine™ JAW TURNBUCKLE and FIXED JAW CLEVIS WITH CABLE. Also works great for angled stair cable runs. Articulating design accommodates any stair pitch. Use HAND SWAGING for this assembly type.
  • 11 assemblies needed for each cable run 36" high.
  • 13 assemblies needed for each cable run 42" high.
  • TIP: It's more economical to have longer cable runs that run continuously around corners so fewer fittings are needed.

    Wood minimum post requirements: 4"x4"

    Minimum metal post requirements:

    • STEEL PIPE 2"x 2"x 1/4" or 1 1/2" ID or 1 1/8" OD
    • ANGLE IRON or WELDED TAB 2"x 2"x 1/2"
    • FLAT BAR 2" wide and 1" thick

    Parts and services (Sold Separately) needed to complete this cable assembly:

    1. Order: FIXED JAW CLEVIS WITH 1x19 CABLE for straight runs and runs with slight bends or Order: FIXED JAW CLEVIS WITH 7x7 CABLE for runs that have 90 degree corners. A FIXED JAW CLEVIS is "fixed" at one end of the cable by pre-swaging (no charge) at the factory and is not to be swaged by hand in the field.
    2. Order: 1 FineLine™ JAW TURNBUCKLE + 2 SURFACE MOUNT EYE
    3. Note: For all Assembly lengths >50' (70' max) and/or runs from 0-70' with more than 1 90 degree corner, it is recommended to omit the FIXED JAW CLEVIS WITH CABLE and use 2 FineLine™ JAW TURNBUCKLES instead to allow cable tightening at both ends of your run. In this situation, substitute the FIXED JAW CLEVIS WITH CABLE with STAINLESS CABLE
    4. Order: CABLE CUTTER + CABLE CRIMPER tools to hand swage your wire rope assemblies.

    STAINLESS CABLE & RAILING™ ASSEMBLIES are the smart choice. Stainless Cable & Railing offers turnkey cable railing using steel posts, wood posts, aluminum posts, and stain less steel posts. Favorite among remodelers are the stainless steel posts for both new construction and remodeling projects. Competitor aluminum posts are not as strong as Stainless Cable Railing aluminum posts. We engineered extra webbing internally within each terminal post to resist the bending. The homeowner can be confident their posts are the best in the market and are engineered specifically for cable railing applications. Stain less cable railing systems start out as low as $20 a lineal foot and are a great replacement to glass railing systems. Unlike plate glass systems stainless cable rail systems require minimal cleaning. See our videos on deck cable railing at or check out our deck railing designs.

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