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cable railing swage stud terminal with 1x19 cable
Swage Stud with 1x19 3/16" CableSwage Stud with 1x19 3/16" Cablecable railing swage stud terminal with 1x19 cable specifications
Item #SS191
Base Price$7.50
NOTE:For 3/16in. Cable Only
Compact, architectural fittings that represent the best in engineered cable rail systems.
  • Order SWAGE STUD WITH 1x19 CABLE for straight runs and runs with slight bends.

  • Order SWAGE STUD WITH 7x7 CABLE for runs that have 90 degree corners.

Benefits / Technical Information:

  1. A SWAGE STUD WITH 1x19 CABLE is "fixed" at one end of the cable by pre-swaging (no charge) at the factory and is not to be swaged by hand in the field. Just order the appropriate cable length. See number "2" in the above drawings to see how the SWAGE STUD is used.

  2. Material: 316 Stainless Steel

  3. Note: For all Assembly lengths >50' (70' max) and/or cable runs from 0-70' with more than 1 90 degree corner, it is recommended to omit the SWAGE STUD and use 2 FineLine™ DRILL & TAP TURNBUCKLES instead to allow cable tightening at both ends of your run.
Use HAND SWAGING to complete this wire rope assembly type with the CABLE CUTTER and CABLE CRIMPER tools.

Note: Stainless Steel is highly resistant, but not impervious to the elements, and requires minimal maintenance for ideal results. We recommend applying Passivator to all exposed stainless steel components at the time of installation. In addition, apply Rust Rescue if within 10 miles of a marine environment to further protect the stainless steel. Learn more about these products and general stainless steel care on our Cleaning & Maintenance Page.

Need help? Call 1-888-686-7245(RAIL), or email You can also email or fax us an ESTIMATE REQUEST FORM for a free estimate. We are happy to help and will respond within 24 hours. For online assistance and further information about our systems, take a look at our HELP PAGES and VIDEOS.

Product # 985766, 716397, 716403, 716410, 716427, 716434, 716359, 716441, 716458, 716465, 716472, 716489, 716496, 716502, 716519, 716526, 716533, 716366, 716540, 716557, 716564, 716571, 716588, 716595, 716601, 716618, 716625, 716632, 716373, 716649, 716656, 716380, 719275, 719282, 719299, & 719305

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