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Classic Button Assembly For 3/16in Cable

classic button assembly cable rail fitting
classic button assembly cable rail fitting diagramclassic button pieces, measurements, and assemblyClassic Button Assembly For 3/16in CableClassic Button Assembly For 3/16in Cable
Base Price$30.70
Button Terminal End

1ea Button End Tunrnbuckle Tensioner
1ea Swage Button End as Chosen Above

The CLASSIC BUTTON ASSEMBLY is a classic design adopted from sailboat/marine technology for use in architectural handrails. Works well for angled stair cable runs as well as straight runs with wood or metal posts and angled stair cable runs when combined with the SELF CENTERING STAIR WASHER. Use either PROFESSIONAL SWAGING SERVICE or HAND SWAGING
  • 11 assemblies needed for each cable run 36" high.
  • 13 assemblies needed for each cable run 42" high.
  • TIP: It's more economical to have longer cable runs that run continuously around corners so fewer fittings are needed.

Parts and services needed to complete 1 assembly :

  1. 1x19 STAINLESS CABLE for straight runs and runs with slight bends or 7x7 STAINLESS CABLE for runs that have 90 degree corners.
  2. If HAND SWAGING, choose a FIELD SWAGED BUTTON END. If using our PROFESSIONAL SWAGING SERVICE, choose a FACTORY SWAGED BUTTON END and provide us with your measurements at checkout.
  3. Note: For all Assembly lengths >50' (70' max) and/or runs from 0-70' with more than 1 90 degree corner, it is recommended to omit the SWAGE BUTTON END and use 2 CLASSIC BUTTON TURNBUCKLES instead to allow cable tightening at both ends of your run.
  4. PROFESSIONAL SWAGING SERVICE or CABLE CUTTER + CABLE CRIMPER tools to hand swage your wire rope assemblies.
Note: Stainless Steel is highly resistant, but not impervious to the elements, and requires minimal maintenance for ideal results. We recommend applying Passivator to all exposed stainless steel components at the time of installation. In addition, apply Rust Rescue if within 10 miles of a marine environment to further protect the stainless steel. Learn more about these products and general stainless steel care on our Cleaning & Maintenance Page.

Need help designing your railing project or an estimate? Email drawings (non-technical OK) to us at: and we will respond within 24 hours. See the WORKSHEETS tab for additional resources or just phone/fax us at 1-888-686-7245 (RAIL). We are happy to help!

For more information and product inspiration, check out our videos on cable railing and our deck railing designs page.

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