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Stainless Steel Cable 1000ft. of 1/8" Wholesale Prices Available To The Public

Stainless Steel Cable 1000ft. of 1/8" Wholesale Prices
Item #stainless-steel-cable-wholesale-pricing
Base Price$550.00
Sale Price$495.00
You Save10%
Description:1/8in. cable sold as 1000ft reels

Stainless Steel Cable At Wholesale Prices

  Stainless steel cable rolls at wholesale prices now available at Stainless Cable Railing. We design, manufacture and ship modular (easy for the do-it-yourself-er) aluminum and stainless steel handrail systems that complimented with stainless steel cable rail wire rope. Our staff has helped with every deck system type imaginable. From cedar decks, composite decks, even on bare sidewalk. Oh, lets not forget about indoor and out door stair systems. Each one of our staff members are highly trained in designing a stainless steel cable hand railing system and helps with the design process for each individual deck system. With our explosive growth from last year we have to import an enormous amount of stainless steel cable from our sources overseas.


Rolls Of Stainless Steel Cable

With this large ordering power, Stainless Cable Railing receives very favorable pricing and are now extending the savings to our customers. Wholesale pricing for 316 marine grade stainless steel cable railing wire is now available to the public in 1000' rolls. Prices as low as $.39 a lf.

Benefits of our Stainless Steel Cable Wire Rope

  1. 316 Marine Grade (resistive to salt for Ocean environments
  2. All Stainless Steel Core (No fiber)
  3. Stranded wire assembly for additional strenght
  4. 2 common sizes to choose from 3/16" or 1/8"
  5. 2 strand styles 7x7 or 1x19
  6. 10 year warranty
  7. Negotiable Bulk Pricing

316 Stainless Steel Cable Marine Grade Stranded

stainless steel cable 1x19


Our 1x19 stranded stainless steel cable has 19 individual wires twisted together while the 7x7 stainless steel cable has 7 bundles of 7 separate cable wire twisted into a bundle to form a very strong and solid stainless steel cable. The 316 marine grade stainless steel cable insures not to rust in harsh weather conditions like the salty ocean breezes.


stainless steel cable 7 x 7 stranded

Fast Delivery Stainless Steel Cable
To order, simply email us at with size and roll amount requirements you need and we will get it shipped and delivered to you within a week. Due to our very fast growing customer base our monthly delivery of stainless steel cable has become a weekly event. You can be rest assured that if you are in need of a large amount of stainless steel cable rolls that Stainless Cable Railing will be their to meet your needs.

Note: Stainless Steel is highly resistant, but not impervious to the elements, and requires minimal maintenance for ideal results. We recommend applying Citrisurf 77 Plus to all exposed stainless steel components at the time of installation. In addition, apply Rust Rescue if within 10 miles of a marine environment to further protect the stainless steel. Learn more about these products and general stainless steel care on our Cleaning & Maintenance Page.



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